When your laptop goes to sleep, put on its pijama!


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Pijama was born in 2006 from an idea by Monica Battistella, designer, and Sergio Gobbi, architect. As soon as they realised that Milan and its surroundings were full of abandoned fabric stocks, they decided to give them new life. It all started with scratch proof soft cases for Powerbook, iPods and vinyl records; then the family grew to include all Apple products soft cases

As the years passed, Pijama has broadened its horizons to embrace a wider range of products not only in the devices market. The colourful Pijama cases can now be with you in your moments of laziness at home, while travelling, at parties and when riding your bike.



Every Pijama soft case is composed of three layers of different materials: polyester jersey, neoprene and the external fabric that gives the final look. Each new material is approached with curiosity and a genuine passion for crazy experimentation. To be trendy, yet unique is part of Pijama’s mission.





Since 2010 Pijama headquarter is a shop and studio located in via Pastrengo 11, in the heart of Isola distric, the growing trendy area of Milan. The Pijama soft cases and bags are made in Italy, manufactured in a family run laboratory not far from Milan and the majority of its fabric suppliers are located in Northern Italy.

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