Merlino the Cat House

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Merlino, the cat’s bed!
Pijama teamed up with BIBI design,
a creative studio based in Turin, for a new project: Merlino: a new hat for cats.
Merlino is the new house for your cat. It’s comfortable and soft, and it looks very cool in the apartment.
It’s foldable, it can be completely opened with a zipper from the top to the bottom and around the circular base in a second, and then wrapped around to be carried or stored easily. An extra soft pillow layer can be easily washed.
It’s made of the same material used for other Pijama products, like computer sleeves or bags: a layer of neoprene doubled with a soft black jersey on the inner side side, and a colourful fabric on the outside, to be chosen from a selection of our favorite patterns.

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